Golfland? - The Movie

The development of golfing complexes is usually shown to be manna from heaven for the tourist industry and the labour market. But is this actually the case? "Golfland?" sets out to answer this question by means of a multi-faceted scientific investigation.

Worked for GolfLand?

Nelly Psarrou
Research, Senario, Direction
Dimitris Meletis
Giannis Gragoulakis
Stathis Kariotis
Thanos Valkanos
Editorial and Music Supervision
Music written by: Dergar (Christos Garbidakis)

Thanks from:
Pink Floyd – Money
Kevin MacLeod – Tea Roots
Massive Attack – I Against I
Lemonade Influence – Whale Song
Lemonade Influence – Relapse
Ulver – Waltz of King Karl
Dergar (Χρήστος Γαρμπιδάκης) - Summer
Cure – Seventeen Seconds
Dergar (Χρήστος Γαρμπιδάκης) – Automnsunshine
Violadores Del Verso - Vicios Y Virt
Nikos Psarros
Special thanks are due to Adam Schmedes for allowing us to use shots from his film "Chameleon Beach", and Benny Trapp for the photographs from the area of Yialova
We would also like to thank for their technical support: Aggelos Pouliasis Charis Raftoyiannis Christos Nikolareas The Press Project